We begin each project with a thorough understanding of our client’s assets and end goals. We assist with everything from early budgeting and planning to concept creation and construction. By utilizing value engineering, our team is able to improve the value of project goods and services by examining function and properly implementing the appropriate strategies necessary for your specific project. This process helps eliminate unnecessary costs while improving overall project value.

We are also able to analyze your project goals and specifications, ensuring that all timelines stay on track and deadlines are met. Our analysis helps provide design enhancement and optimization suggestions, lending to the overall progress of your project build. Our analysis, along with proper project scheduling, allows for an organized project plan from start to finish.


Our design and build process enables you to quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively finish a project on time and exceed expectations. We offer turnkey solutions for your project- meaning we will fully design and construct all aspects of your project build from beginning to end. Also offered is our Fast-Track option, which puts your project on the “fast-track” to completion while still maintaining all levels of high-grade professionalism and quality results.

All of our projects are quoted out at a lump sum price to meet your project needs while still also remaining within budget. For more information regarding our design and build procedures, call or contact us today.

General Contracting

We are an innovator in the field of real estate construction and renovation. We take on the full range of construction work required for professional spaces. With experienced professionals and fully trained technicians, we provide integrated design and implementation of construction services.

Through our work, we aspire to increase our client’s quality of life. At Woodrow, we manage every project we take on as though it is unique; because we comprehend our client’s wishes, respect their budget and work to a strict schedule. We have been in business for over 30 years and our clients can be found all over the Chicagoland area.

Project Management

With Woodrow Development, Inc on your team, you can be rest assured that all aspects of your project will be managed in an organized and cost-efficient manner. We handle all aspects of project management from team coordination and price negotiations to the procurement and management of subcontractors. To learn more about our project management process, please call or contact us today.

Project Closeout

We will make sure that all aspects of your project have exceeded expectations and met all project requirements. Final project evaluations will be held, documents organized, and all subcontractors will be paid for their work performed. Our goal for all project closeouts is to meet our partners’ needs and ensure that 100% customer satisfaction has been achieved.